Philippe Remy
Founder at
Imperial College London

Author and main maintainer of keract, keras-tcn and some other Deep Learning packages. I am currently co-founder and research lead at Skysense, a young startup specialized in computer vision applied to agriculture (fully backed by Venture Capitalists). Previously, I was the first research member at Cogent Labs (Japan) where I helped the company grow from pre-seed to post Series C. I was supervised by David Cournapeau (creator of scikit learn) and Thierry Sousbie. Some of my work featured in Google AI Blog, Bloomberg Tech and Harvard Business Review. I completed my master in Statistics at Imperial College London with distinction, under the supervision of Emma McCoy and Nikolas Kantas. My thesis, State Space Modelling for Statistical Arbitrage received the Winton Capital award in 2014. My bachelor was at ENS Informatique de Bordeaux, a French leading grand ecole in EECS (First Class Honors).

I am currently looking for a PhD position.