Research engineer / scientist in mathematical statistics, machine learning and computer vision. Currently working at Cogent Labs, Tokyo, Japan.


Bayesian Statistics, Operational Research, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Finance.

Funny facts about Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun doesn’t need to make hidden units. They hide by themselves when he approaches.
Deep Belief Nets actually believe deeply in Yann LeCun.
Yann LeCun discovered how the brain really works. Once a year for the last 25 years.
Markov random fields think Yann LeCun is intractable.
All kernels that ever dared approaching Yann LeCun woke up convolved.

Funny facts about Jeff Dean

When Jeff gives a seminar at Stanford, it’s so crowded Don Knuth has to sit on the floor.
Google Search was Jeff Dean’s Noogler Project.
Unsatisfied with constant time, Jeff Dean created the world’s first O(1/n) algorithm.
Jeff Dean once shifted a bit so hard it ended up on another computer.
When God said: “Let there be light!”, Jeff Dean was there to do the code review.
When Graham Bell invented the telephone, he saw a missed call from Jeff Dean.
Jeff Dean’s keyboard has two keys: 1 and 0.

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